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27 December
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I figure I won't bother boring you with my childhood, where I was born, blah blah blah, and all that stuff. So, instead I will bore you with a glimpse at my personality. I am a total hopeless romantic, but that's fading fast. I have a problem with the "gay community," coporate America, olives, selfishness, egotism, superficiality, lieing, perfectionism, child abuse, attention craveing people, judging others, hurting the evironment, beef, pork, did I say olives, hunting, guns, most cats, repetative noise making (only when someone or something else is doing it), complete silence (unless it's outside), too much light in the morning, pulp, bad breath, people who bite their toenails (fingernails are ok, but toenails yuck), homophobia, heterophobia, descrimination of any sort, reverse descrimination, manipulation, insensitivity, common sense, too much common sense, immaturity, overly mature, being too open (every one needs a little mystry clouding them), flaunting, rap videos (they all have ass shaking and the bling bling... thats what lifes all about...ha!), celebrities, conforming, most of american culture, George Bush, most spiders, not achieving your goals in life, religion, star wars (over rated crap!), trying too hard to be diffrent, not being diffrent, whineing, the "cowboy culture", alterier motives (only if harmful or have evil intentions behind it), the spiderman movie (that really did suck), gay pride, the glass being half empty, the glass being half full, parents, DRAMA, most reality t.v., blaming teenage troubles on games tv and music, teaching only absenence to teens, mental abuse, fathers, mcdonalds, that stupid joke about idaho-"idaho no you da hoe" ...morons, close minded people, lack of morality, most new age cartoons, hentai, country music, (I will probably sound lame but i don't give a fuck) drugs, smoking (though i smoke myself), not open to every possabilty, true hate, false love, scape goats, blaming it on being drunk, the word faggot, the word cunt, all the words in american slang used to descriminate against other cultures, people who think they are superior, eradic weather, consistant weather, no snow on christmas, twinkies and all hostes products (funny commercials though), being too intense, being too laid back, never being spontaneouse, stupidity, not being humble, tree sap, juniper trees (so ugly), the "high desert", always wanting to be a shock factor, football, sports on t.v., the superbowl, the santa in the malls that you take pictures with, the easter bunny, lack of creativity, lack of effort, complete lazyness, pigs, snorting like a pig, no sense of humor, being too good for something, the yuppie kids in this town, high school, the education system, money, medical fees, taking your anger out on others, always hoding your feelings back, stressing over meaningless things, too much stress, fast food, people who need to get hearing aids but choose not to, onions, public displays of affection, slobering kissers, people who always think they are right, parents who think they are always right when dealing with their kids, the fact that people just never grow up in this world, gossip, never being alone, really really hot guys that are idiots or their personality makes them look ugly, the phrase "ignorance is bliss", being a man by societies stadards, societal standards, toilets flushing by themselves, that stupid "name ten candybars" while they knok on your head, people who play slugbug wrong, bad vibes, stupid jokes, dead baby jokes, taking everything personally, not taking anything personally, crying all the time, never sheding a tear, no tresspassing sighns, the entire judicial branch of the american system, police, the DMV, bills, my eye color, being critiqued, american kareoki, loud laughing, sneezing at everyone with no hand infront of nose, loud snoring,(THERE IS LOTS MORE I JUST DON'T HAVE TIME AT THE MOMENT) I HAVE TO MAKE THIS ABUNDANTLY CLEAR: I AM NOT AS ANAL AS I SOUND. THESE ARE JUST LITTLE THINGS THAT BUG ME. NOT A BIG DEAL IN ANY WAY. SO DON'T GET ME WRONG IF YOU OR YOUR HABBITS FIT INTO THIS LIST THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU ANNOY ME. IT SIMPLY MEANS I CAN LAUGH AT YOU CUZ YOUR ON MY LIST. I AM NOT JUDGEMENTAL IN ANY WAY I AM ACCEPTING AND I TRY TO BE NICE TO ALL, EVEN IF THEY DON'T DESERVE IT. SO JUST THINK OF IT LIKE THIS, THESE ARE ALL THE THINGS MALHAKAIET CAN'T STAND, AND I CAN. I ALSO DO NOT HAVE A SPLIT PERSONALITY, IT'S A SOPHISTICATED JOKE UMONG INTELLEGENT PEOPLE. I'M GOING TO STOP TYPING NOW... UM I FORGOT WHAT I WAS GOING TO ADD, NEVERMIND STOP... NOW...